Bankruptcy will ruin my credit for 10 years and I will never be able to buy a house or car or even get a credit card again. How do I live without a credit card if I have an emegency. I need a credit card to rent a car and or buy travel tickets.  Bankruptcy will destroy my life. There is no way out of the debt.  Great questions, get the answers.  The truth is, bankruptcy should be an emergency relief remedy when you are in financial trouble to get you a fresh start. Turn the clock back and start your financial life over again. Yes, it can be done!
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There are several types of bankruptcy, the most popular is Chapter 7 Reorganization which is designed by the federal government to give consumers a "fresh start".  The Chapter 13 is a Wage Earner's Plan which provides a re-payment plan of debts by wage earners through the Bankruptcy Court, for people who otherwise would not qualify for chapter 7.  Chapter 11 Reorganization is generally for businesses who want to remain in business and cut down on debt to keep the business solvent. Chapter 12 is for the small farmer.  Most people in the United States who file bankruptcy file Chapter 7.  Chapter 7 will afford the consumer or business immediate protection against creditors, lawsuits, garnishments, foreclosures and levies.  Depending on the circumstances, most people's lives will be changed for the best, and most people will not lose their home, car, furniture or retirement holdings.  The only thing that goes away is the debt. In some cases, personal income taxes will also be elminated.  Once you have received a discharge from your debts in bankruptcy, re-establishing your credit will begin sooner and easier than you could imagine.

Seek financial advice early before your problems get out of contol. Our firm wil often suggest strategies that take time in order to maximize their effectiveness to protect your assets and risk of future lawsuits.  Our firm does not use Paralegals, so you will always have the best legal advice from qualifed California attorneys.